PHP and Laravel Online BootCamp

This course provides comprehensive coverage of essential topics and practical skills needed for web development using PHP and the Laravel framework. Starting with foundational knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS, Git, and API usage, participants progress through project planning and database design, learning about Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles along the way. The course also dives into Laravel framework fundamentals, including installation, configuration, and MVC architecture, followed by practical sessions on creating migrations, models, views, and controllers. Students explore Blade Templating, Eloquent ORM, and CRUD operations, culminating in a project development phase where they apply learned concepts in a real-world scenario.

Instructed by: Rihab Rahman in: Web & Software

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Upon completion of this course, participants will gain proficiency in:

  1. Utilizing HTML/CSS/JS, Git, and API for web development.
  2. Applying OOP principles like inheritance, abstraction, and encapsulation.
  3. Understanding PHP basics including variables, iterations, conditions, and functions.
  4. Implementing Laravel framework features such as MVC architecture, routing, and Blade Templating.
  5. Setting up Laravel projects, configuring databases, and managing directory hierarchy.
  6. Developing CRUD operations, creating migrations, and working with Eloquent ORM.
  7. Designing and integrating themes into Laravel projects.
  8. Collaborating on version control systems like Git and GitHub for project management and collaboration.


1.    Things you should know as a developer
    ●    HTML/CSS/JS
    ●    Git
    ●    Browser DevTools
    ●    API (Application Programming Interface)
    ●    Authentication
    ●    MVC (Model, View, Controller)
    ●    Programming Languages
    ●    Problem Solving and Searching
    ●    DevOps

2.    Project Process
    ●    Initialization
    ●    Features identification
    ●    Process flow define
    ●    Database design

3.    Practical Programming

4.    OOP
    ●    Tha basics of Object Oriented programming
    ●    Inheritence
    ●    Abstruction
    ●    Polymorphism
    ●    Encapsulation
    ●    Class
    ●    Object
    ●    Method

5.    The Basics of PHP
    ●    The basics of PHP
    ●    Variable     
    ●    Iterations
    ●    Conditions
    ●    Functions

6.    Framework
    ●    What is framework ?
    ●    Necessary of framework
    ●    Framework structure
    ●    Laravel Framework Architecture
    ●    Framework Features:
        ■    Functionality
        ■    Documentation
        ■    Consistency
        ■    Support
        ■    Production Environment
        ■    Business Factors

7.    Laravel Installation
    ●    Laravel installation
    ●    How to install php, apache, mysql in your system
    ●    How to install laravel project in your local

8.    Configure
    ●    How to configure laravel project for the development ?
    ●    How to configure the database for laravel project ?

9.    Directory Hierarchy
    ●    The file directory analysis of laravel framework architecture
10.    MVC Concept
    ●    MVC concept
    ●    Model
    ●    View
    ●    Controller
    ●    How MVC works ?
    ●    Routes
    ●    URL / URI
    ●    Links
11.    Theme download and integrate with Laravel
    ●    How to download and integrate themes and integrate into Laravel Project

12.    Template engine - Blade Templating
    ●    What is template engine?
    ●    How a template engine works?
    ●    Template structure and syntaxes
    ●    Blade Syntax

13.    Creating migration - based on DB design
    ●    What is migration ?
    ●    How a migration works ?
    ●    How to work in migration ?

14.    Use the Model
    ●    Basics of the Model
    ●    How to communicate Database with Model ?
    ●    How model and migration is related in laravel architecture?

    ●    Views in Laravel
    ●    View structure in Laravel
    ●    creating views

16.    Controller
    ●    Controller
    ●    Working in controller
    ●    Creating new controller
17.    Work with Eloquent ORM
18.    Relationship
19.    Developing simple CRUD operations
20.    Project Development
    ●    Phases of Project Development
    ●    Initiation
    ●    Planning
    ●    Execution
    ●    Monitoring and controlling
    ●    Closure

21.    VCS (Version Controlling System )
    ●    VCS
    ●    Git
    ●    Github


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Rihab Rahman

Laravel Mentor

Rihab Rahman is a highly skilled web developer with an eye for details.